3D CAD Modelling with Wizardry Signage

//3D CAD Modelling with Wizardry Signage
3D CAD Modelling with Wizardry Signage 2017-02-21T07:54:25+09:00

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From ultra-modern building exteriors to massive eye catching three dimensional fabricated outdoor signage to boardrooms with three dimensional wall graphics, the sky is the limit when it comes to Wizardry Imaging & Signs.

Armed with the power of Solidworks 3D Cad Modelling Software this avant garde Sydney company with 48 design and technical employees is a pace setter in the world of big, bold communication. Whether it is on top of an inner city office tower or inside a showroom. Some of their clients include Google, Sydney Corporate Park, Westpac, NRL, Commonwealth Bank and Mirvac.

Wizardry has been around since the early Nineties and it has stayed at the front of its industry because it has embraced latest-generation design and engineering technology. Originally signage structures were designed in 2D in Adobe Illustrator and then the concepts were handed over to a draftsperson to prepare the CAD drawings. These went to the engineering division which interpreted them to construct the 3D structure. There was often a slight difference between the render and the actual product because the drawings weren’t technically correct. They were simply concepts.

Wizardry approached CADspace the Solidworks distributor to look at the latest technology available and a year ago they introduced Solidworks 3D Cad Modelling Software. The company says this has given them a complete design to manufacture package. They start by designing the signage structure in 3D – which is a lot quicker than how it was done before – and the files created by the 3D Cad Drawing Software are used for the development application to council. The photo-realistic renders generated by Solidworks 3D Software are useful in explaining to clients how their business environment will be transformed. The clients have a good idea of how the finished project will look once installed before the first piece of aluminium or plastic has been cut or formed.

SolidWorks 3D Cad Modelling Software provides the design and engineering teams with technically accurate files right from the beginning. The same files which go with the DA are sent to production and used to prepare the cutting files for the fabricator for cutting metals, plastics, glass, fiberglass and other materials. Before Solidworks 3D Cad Modelling Software was introduced the fabricator had to manually interpret the 2D CAD files and create his cutting list. Now, with Solidworks 3D Software the process is fully automated as the 3D data produces the cutting files. This results in peace of mind for everyone involved because they know that there is no variance in dimensions from the original concept to production. It’s a seamless design and production system.

Wizardry says Solidworks 3D Cad Modelling Software has made it easier, simpler and faster to turn out each project. The power of Solidworks Cad software has also enabled them to progress into more complex shapes and designs incorporating the latest lighting technology for more visual impact.

The company says CADspace made it very easy for them to adopt Solidworks 3D Cad Modelling Software and change their processes. They appreciated CADspace’s extensive knowledge of 3D CAD and manufacturing and ability to quickly understand the design and production requirements of the company. The team at Wizardry was trained in such a way that – despite having little prior exposure to 3D CAD – they were up to speed very quickly. CADspace provides ongoing technical support and Wizardry know that they can call at any time with a query.

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