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Project Description

When is a coffee machine not a coffee machine? When industrial designer Edin Merdjanic has re-designed it!

Edin (Merdjanic Design) is your typical coffee connoisseur…but one with an interesting twist. He decided he wanted to be hands-on with the coffee making process and use his design and engineering skills to develop new innovations which enhance the coffee experience.

“I love coffee, I’ve always been interested in it. It is such a huge industry and it affects almost everyone I come into contact with. I specialise in coffee machine customisation which involves redesign, repurposing and refurbishing. Whether they are newly arrived machines from overseas or older ones in need of an upgrade, I use SolidWorks 3D CAD software to come up with ways to improve them.”

“There is a real science to coffee making. To prepare a good coffee relies on a combination of incredibly accurate heating and the direct draw process. I collaborate with a coffee roaster and a technician when I’m working on each machine and I spend a lot of my time redesigning the heat exchange, pistons and direct draw mechanism. Because I’m an industrial designer and very focused on aesthetics I also customise the instrument console to make each machine unique. Baristas are very particular about the look and feel of their coffee machines.”

To date, Edin’s coffee machines have gone to cafes, restaurants, offices and homes all over Australia.

“I’ve been using SolidWorks since 2006. For industrial designers it is THE software package. It is intuitive, so easy to use. I can quickly work up an assembly and know that all of my measurements and contact points are accurate when I keep making adjustments to the design. Re-designing parts is so simple and takes no time at all. It allows me to quickly draw up and view the various upgrade options I am considering for each coffee machine and select which will work best. Of course, if I want to show my customer a realistic render of the machine to get approval for a new console design I simply produce that from the 3D solid model and email it off.”

He says the power and speed of SolidWorks has been proven in another completely different industrial design project he is involved in,

“I am currently designing a new hair styling product in SolidWorks. This is involving individual part design, assembly and coloured renders for my business colleague based in China. SolidWorks is helping me to communicate with him despite the challenges of distance and language because it is so compatible. My advice to anyone in industrial design is to, first of all, gain a solid understanding of tooling and manufacturing and then use SolidWorks to realise your ideas. The best thing I ever did aaas see an injection moulder to learn about their trade. Half of the work is in manufacturing and as industrial designers we need to relate to them.”

Edin receives a lot of support from SolidWorks reseller, CADspace (winner of the 2013 SolidWorks Best New VAR in the Asia Pacific Region Award).

“Steve Thomas and the team are very professional and incredibly knowledgable about CAD. They have been working in this field for more than 20 years. They not only understand about design they are also very experienced in manufacturing and the relationship between design and manufacture. They came out to my business and demonstrated SolidWorks to me to make sure I am getting the most out of it, and they keep in regular contact with me. It’s real peace of mind for me knowing that they are there.”

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