SolidWorks 2018 Service Pack 5 has been released!

//SolidWorks 2018 Service Pack 5 has been released!

SolidWorks 2018 Service Pack 5 has been released!

Great news!

SolidWorks 2018 Service Pack 5 has been released!

This is the final release of SolidWorks 2018 and is now available to all current SolidWorks Subscription Customers.

If you are not currently on subscription, give us a call and we’ll help you get up to date with your software investment.

If you wish to download SolidWorks 2018 SP5, there are two methods you can follow, so please follow the instructions below:

You will need:

  • Current Subscription to SolidWorks
  • An internet connection (the download is approximately 14GB)
  • Around 20GB free space on your machine
  • A Customer Portal Account if you choose method 2 below

Method 1 – SolidWorks > Help > Check for Updates

  1. Turn on your SolidWorks 2018 and go to Help and Check for Updates:
  2. The SolidWorks Installation Manager will be launched, make sure the version displayed is the new version you want, and select Next:
  3. The Installation Manager for SolidWorks 2018 SP5 will be launched, here you will select the type of installation (selecting download and share all files gives us a final version we can keep as a backup or share with other computers on your system).
  4. You can then change the download location or leave is as default. Accept the T&C’s and click on Download Now!
  5. SolidWorks will now download so you can install and distribute SolidWorks 2018 SP5 at your office:

Method 2 – SolidWorks Customer Portal


  1. Follow this link to the SolidWorks Customer Portal:
  2. And click on the Login link:
  3. Either Login with your known Account information, reset your password or Create a SolidWorks ID:
  4. Scroll Down and Select Downloads and Updates:
  5. Next, select 2018 and follow the link shown below:
  6. Accept the T&C’s, then click on the download link shown below and open the downloaded zip file from your downloads folder:
  7. This will launch the SolidWorks Installation Manager 2018 SP5 and you can follow steps 3, 4 and 5 from Method 1 to finish the installation.

If you have any questions regarding downloading SolidWorks or getting back on Subscription, Please call us today on (02) 8850 4419.

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