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SolidWorks plastics allows you to see how molten plastic flows during a products injection moulding stage. This enables engineers and designers to predict manufacturing defects on parts and moulds.

Costly mould rework is eliminated by improving the quality of your product before it’s time to release to the market.

Once potential problems are highlights SolidWorks Plastics provides a results adviser which practical design advice to help diagnose and avoid additional problems.

The matrix below explains the capabilities and modules in each of the products. Rollover a topic for more detail.

Easy to learn and navigate through, SolidWorks Plastics Professional allows you to analyse and modify your designs. This is particularly important for plastic part designers when optimising parts for form, fit and function.
When creating and analysing single cavity, multi cavity and family mould layouts, SolidWorks Plastics Premium gives the designer the power to build injection moulds accurately. Optimise feed system design and avoid mould rework. Balance runner systems, estimate cycle time, clamp tonnage and shot size.
SolidWorks Plastics Advanced includes everything in SolidWorks Plastics Premium plus advanced simulation functionality. You will have the tools to design and analyse simple or complex mould cooling line layouts, reduce or eliminate molded part warpage, minimise cycle times and most importantly reduce manufacturing costs.

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