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SolidWorks Simulation Standard

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard gives product engineers an intuitive virtual testing environment for static linear, time-based motion, and high-cycle fatigue simulation, so they can answer common engineering challenges with this SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD embedded solution. The Trend Tracker capability and Design Insight plot enable designers to highlight optimal design changes while they work. Built on a concurrent engineering approach, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard helps engineers know if their product will perform properly and how long it will last.

  • Test products made of weldments, sheet metal, and volume geometry with mixed mesh
  • Evaluate strain and stresses between contacting parts, including friction
  • Apply bearing loads, forces, pressures, and torques
  • Optimize designs based on structural, motion or geometric criteria
  • Use connectors or virtual fasteners to model bolts, pins, springs, and bearings, and dimension them under applied loads
  • Activate the Trend Tracker and Design Insight plots to highlight optimal design changes
    while you work

Evaluate your product performance throughout its operational cycle with motion analysis

  • Define motion studies with time-based approach for rigid body kinematic and dynamic problems
  • Leverage SOLIDWORKS assembly mates along with part properties for motion analysis
  • Evaluate characteristics like actuator force and joint loads for motion optimization
  • Gain greater control of model actuators with servomotors
Click here to see what SolidWorks Simulation Professional Includes:

– Drop Test Analysissimfi1-400x250
– Frequency Analysis
– Thermal Structural Analysis
– Finite Element Analysis
– Plastic and Rubber
– Part Analysis
– Linear Stress Analysis
– Vibration Analysis
– Structural Analysis

Click here to see what SolidWorks Simulation Premium Includes:

– Thermal Fluid Analysissim-pre_3
– Nonlinear Analysis
– Structural Optimization
– Finite Element Analysis
– Motion Analysis
– Linear Stress Analysis
– Vibration Analysis
– Fatigue Analysis
– Thermal Analysis
– Structural Analysis

Click here to see what Fluid Flow Simulation Includes:

– Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)simflow-fi
– Fluid Flow Analysis
– Thermal Comfort Factors
– Electronics Thermal Management
– Simulation Visualization
– Thermal Fluid Analysis

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